About Trust


Trust Golf is a division of Kerichem Materials Science Co. Ltd.

For the past 25 years, our founder, Sean, has been supplying golf ball core and cover technologies to nearly all the world’s major golf ball manufacturers.

If you have ever played a golf ball from any of the major golf ball brands, there’s a good chance one or more of our materials was powering it. 

We believe every golfer should be able to afford and benefit from the higher performance that urethane-covered golf balls produce (all premium, tour-caliber golf balls have urethane covers).


So, we developed a urethane cover material that could be efficiently applied via injection molding. Now, injection molding technology is very difficult to be perfect. As a result, it wasn’t accepted by the major golf ball manufacturers.

But why Trust Golf still insists on using injection molding? However, the injection molding of thermoplastic polyurethane materials is ideal as a method for molding golf ball covers, because of comparing with the molding of Thermoset polyurethane materials, the molding time is very short that means we can save the energy from process. Also, thermoplastic polyurethane materials are recyclable and thus friendly to the global environment. 

So, in 2016, we invested in our own injection molding equipment, we perfected the process, and we began making our own brand of golf balls: Trust.

Because we control the entire golf ball manufacturing process -- designs, materials, cores and covers – we can make premium-performance, urethane-covered golf balls that rival the best in the world…and sell them to you directly for a fraction of the price.